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Aug 26, 2019 at 07:06

You're doing good, keep up the good work.

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Oh god!, You're not a NEET are you?

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It's not a mistake right?.

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"Sombody hates you" - Puru hates you too.

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"Somebody likes you" - Congrats for having a weaboo friend.

Tagging guide

This thread is meant to clear up common misunderstandings / errors that happen when users tag or upload galleries. So here are some tips, first in general:When you edit a gallery or upload a new on...

Announcement November 28, 2019

Before that, i'd like to say sorry. Your lost gallery collections (fav, bookmark) cannot be recover anymore, the 2 disks that we had on the server got suddenly crushed and now it's unreadable. :(

Announcement November 25, 2019

As you noticed Loli, Oppai, Toddler, Shouta, Straight Shota tags are gone. Actually, they are not totally gone. I have disabled them for the meantime and only registered users with at least 2 weeks...


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