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Announcement November 28, 2019
Posted By: Puru 1 week ago
Before that, i'd like to say sorry. Your lost gallery collections (fav, bookmark) cannot be recover anymore, the 2 disks that we had on the server got suddenly crushed and now it's unreadable. :(
Having errors?
Posted By: Puru 1 year ago
Try clearing your browser's cookie and cache. It might fix it. ;)
Uploading rules
Posted By: Shirou 1 year ago
Hoy, everyone. This thread is supposed to help you with uploading galleries by listing some basic rules and tips. Please read them if you plan to upload anything or already do so. First up the uploa...
Help finding manga
Posted By: Anonymous147041 17 hours ago
Looking for a loli hentai. The main characters were two guys who i think were hentai mangakas meeting at a park. They find this girl passed out and tell her friends to go for help or water or somet...
Finding title
Posted By: Anonymous146908 1 day ago
Its actually pretty similar to forced crossdressing rent boy, except this time the victim is a rich schoolgirl, I think with blonde long hair.The dirty teacher catches her taking nudes and blackmail...
Looking for title
Posted By: Blogg 2 days ago
This manga was sexual education based. High school girls and boys learned proper consensual sex. At one point, the females are blindfolded and have to guess their partners.
Hentai Title
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous139548 5 days ago
can someone help me find the title of a hentai in which there is a double date and they end up all having sex together and they end up in a relationship. two girls two menthere were other hentai wit...
Need help
Posted By: Anonymous82113 1 week ago
A pervert shota is living with a milf whose husband is working. the shota then successfully seduced the milf. the last line said by the shota that I remember is: " So this what they called as N...
Incest doujin
Posted By: Anonymous139545 2 months ago
basically its a doujin where a dad is blackmailed by the mob or something and asks his son who actually has a job for money the son agrees but only if he can have sex with his mother and eventually...
Need help
Posted By: Turnips 1 week ago
Pretty sure it's an incest doujin. I know there's a part where they break up after he has sex with her at school then he becomes depressed and stops going to school and sits in his room in the dark....

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